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Shallow Water 16 Options

Our SW 16 hull is designed to be easily accessorized for a wide range of shallow water action. There are many, many accessories you can mount to the two 9" round plates that are in the cockpit, and on the front deck, or thru-bolted to our hull's side wall. We refer to the two 9" round aluminum plates that are in the cockpit, and on the front deck as "Universal Accessory Mounting Plates". 



The Universal Accessory mounting plates are 5/8" thick cast aluminum, and tapped-threaded for (3) 3/8" regular thread bolts. The cockpit Universal Accessory Mounting Plate is centered 24" forward of our rear bench, and the front deck plate is centered for maximum space, and function efficiency. We anchor everything possible to include center console, grab bars, casting braces, cooler brackets, and pedestal seating by thru-bolting to the plate with (3) 3/8' bolts. The Universal Accessory Mounting Plate is in turn anchored by (6) ¼-20 bolts thru-bolted to a 12" square plate that is molded-in to the hull.

Accessories like front decks, rear decks, oar locks, blade locks, and poling platforms are best thru-bolted to the hull's sidewalls using a minimum 5/16 bolt. Accessories that are non-weight bearing like double barrel rod storage, cup holders, and fish finder bases can be mounted on the side walls using a post-applied threaded insert. We never ever recommend directly drilling, or mounting anything to the deck of your boat. There are molded-in inserts 28" apart with 5/16 eye bolts in the cockpit for strapping down a rower's-passenger cooler-box, and there are two molded-in 5/16 threaded inserts mold-in to the deck behind the rower's bench for securing a battery box, and gas tank.

Below are accessories we offer from the factory. Our distributors offer many additional custom accessories.


  • SW 16 Custom 36 x 24" Poling Platform

  • Flush Mounted Garelick Sport Fishing Seat System with Garelick fold down seat

  • SW 16 Custom Oar Block Sleeve System with Oar Locks (pair)

  • SW 16 Custom Oar Blade Lock Sleeves (pair) The blade lock sleeves are where the oar blades rest-ride when your skiff is motoring.

  • Sawyer Square Top Oars with Shoal Cut Blades

  • Sawyer Pole Cat Oars with Duramax Blades

  • Cataract Oars

  • LTD Double Barrel Rod Storage System

  • Traditional Rod Storage

  • SW 16 Custom Bow Mounted Anchor System. This includes 21x46" bow sleeve, two flush mounted wall wheels, locking line ascender, carabiner, and 40' anchor line. Of special note, you can mount a trolling motor, and the bow hardware for an anchor system.

  • SW 16 21x46" Bow Sleeve and Battery Tray for Trolling Motor Mount.

  • SW 16 Custom 36" Grab Bar. Mounts by thru-bolting to either the cockpit, or front deck Universal Mounting Plate.


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