For over 20 years, Whaly has been providing boat owners with plenty of options at affordable prices!  Our extremely sturdy, double-walled hulls are manufactured entirely out of plastic (Polyethylene). Our boats are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe.   With hulls that are indestructible Whalys are more durable than fiberglass and aluminum boats and totally unsinkable. 

No Waxing - No Bottom Paint - 100% Recyclable - Puncture Proof


Simple Design- Endless Possibilities

Whaly 455R

Landing Craft Bow is perfect for the beach

Our unique hull design lends itself to many different uses and applications.  Features like our landing craft bow design and high passenger capacity set us apart from traditional boat designs.  Versatility is one of our hallmarks and that can be seen in the many different ways our boats are used.  No matter what your needs are, Whaly has an option for you! 


Whaly 500R

Durable and Stable design is perfect for a work boat