COVID 19 Procedures

We are dedicated to provide you prompt and seamless launch service this summer.  However, due to the MA State Covid 19 Protocol, which includes contact tracing, sanitizing boats between trips and reduced capacity, we are forced to make changes to our traditional operational procedures.

Under the current State order we can only carry a maximum of 9 guests will ensuring social distancing practices are maintained.  As a result, we will do our very best to accomodate passengers as quickly as possible.  Please expect longer wait times.

 1. Per State of Massachusetts requirements we are required to document contact information for everyone onboard our launches.  This form must be completed every trip.  Please scan the QR code and fill out the information.  Only one representative from your party must complete the form.  

A. Open Camera App

B. Point Camera at QR code without taking a picture

C. Click the link that drops down from the top of your phone

D. Fill out form and submit

E. Show receipt to driver






2. Guests will wait in the designated launch loading area until the launch operator signals that the launch has been cleaned and is ready to board passengers.


3. Passengers and crew members must abide by the social distancing protocol of at least six feet between individuals.


4. Passengers from the SAME household are not required to social distance from each other.


5. The captain, staff and patrons must keep at least 6 feet apart and wear proper face coverings while on board.

6. If proper social distancing cannot be maintained in a single trip, then separate trips must occur in order to adhere to the 6’ social distancing requirement.