Our mission at Waypoint Marine is simple…get people on the water.  Our partnership with Whaly USA has allowed us to achieve this goal.  Whether our customer needs a new tender or the perfect first boat, Whaly has an option for everyone.   The versatility of the Whaly models allow us to constantly expand our customer base.  With every purchase we expand the Whaly Family Tree which now extends from Maine to the Florida Keys.

Achieving our goal of getting people on the water is made easier when we have our greatest advocates assisting us.. our customers.  They love the Whaly brand as much as we do and are our biggest cheer leaders.  This  is the reason we have created our Brand Ambassador program and are excited to add more Brand Ambassadors this year.

The goals of our brand ambassador program are to grow the Whaly brand and awareness, create fun and meaningful marketing content and ultimately, assist new customers during the sales process and grow the Whaly family.

As a brand ambassador you will:

  1. Enthusiastically promote Whaly and Waypoint Marine, assist in sales and marketing efforts by providing content for monthly blog posts and product images to be used on social media platforms and the WPM website.

  2. Engage with potential customers, provide boat demos and educate customers on all models.

  3. Attend quarterly training meetings to learn more about new products, marketing strategies ect.

  4. Attend regional boat shows.

  5. Have access to new products before they hit the market.

  6. Receive a Sales Commission on all sales of Hulls / Accessories and Rigged boat packages.

Please fill out the following information to apply to be a Brand Ambassador.